We have been involved in vintage and historic racing since the early 80s. I have been both a driver and mechanic during that time, which gives us a greater understanding of what the car needs and how to tune the suspension for maximum performance.

We also have the great fortune of having Ted Wenz of Savannah Race Engineering in our building to provide race engine preparation and dyno testing. They also provide track support if desired. Roebling Rd. raceway is 10 miles from us, and open year round for testing and racing.    

     "A friend forwarded me an item from Petrolicious on you. It was nice to put a face on the name. I was reminded of the rocker arms you fabricated for my Royale RP24. They were beautifully done. Unfortunately one of them was bent beyond repair at the end of the season. Fortunately I have a replacement, but it is no where near as nice as yours."

letter from a past race car client

- Alan Dezzani